Introduction-- Lesson #1: Sports Aren’t What They Used to Be


The mere thought that I would be writing a blog and supporting (with such enthusiasm and passion) this idea of kids and sports is beyond unbelievable. Just ask my husband.

Being a long time educator, it’s in my blood to push academics, but kid sports… Well, that has been a slow, steady (and somewhat agonizing) evolution. 

This blog is far less about expertise and more about lessons learned and empowerment for the little ones who are Growing Up Sports Kids- it will also be filled with the experiences (funny and ‘that ain't that funny’) from the parents who have had to navigate this world.

A little about the author (me)! I am of the age where sports mostly consisted of playing in the park across the street from our house. We played, played and we played some more.

Very little was organized, until the football Pop Warner season rolled around. There were also the summer leagues that played basketball, but we were spectators - watching the young men with dreams of going to the league. Once in high school, I could see sports from a grander, more exciting perspective. However, my time spent playing in the park did not prepare me for competitive high school sports, so I journeyed to continue on as a cheerleader and enjoy the game from the sideline. Most of my childhood rearing was done by my grandparents, who pushed education. Sports were ‘extracurricular’ and a way to ‘add to a college application’, and far less about a lifestyle. Even then, I had no real concept of what athletes did to prepare for competitions. Basketball and football games were a social outing to see cute boys. (This Is clearly the onset of my shallow and honest #sportsmom truths).

When Raising Up Sports Kids in today’s environment, so much is at stake. Between redshirting, reclassing, personal trainers, prep schools, and viral videos of coaches losing their God given minds, you can become jaded about the real goals of kids and sports. We all want our children to be their best. Most of us want our kids to be competitive. We want them to be kind. We long for them to remember sportsmanship is key to overall success. We also strive to keep their focus on excelling in school. All of this can be stressful to kids growing up in sports, and to the big people who are raising them.

I hope this blog is both helpful and entertaining to you, while providing some nuggets that help you navigate a piece of this world (education + sports) through my journey and many missteps along the way.